Leaflet ERASMUS+ Spain

Col·legi Igualada, SL
Address: C/ Sant Josep, 110 – 112
Country: Spain
Region: ES51 – Cataluña
P.O. BoX

Post Code: 08700
City: Igualada
Telephone : +34938031494

Background and Experience

Col.legi Igualada S. L. is situated in the town of Igualada in the centre of Catalonia, Spain. Igualada is characterized by its activity in the industry of textile, paper and leather. It is also a well-known area for having the unique Hot-Air Balloon festival in Spain.
Col.legi Igualada S.L. is a private and secular institution, coordinated by the Autonomous Government of Catalonia. The school has 697 students and 60 teachers. Although the majority of the school population comes from a typical Spanish background, we have an increasing number of nationalities, which is a 10% of all the students. Most of them come from North Africa and South America.
The school is always willing to take part in intercultural projects. Our 5th graders also take part in an entrepreneurship project, where the children create their own companies and products. We are also a Green School and a UNESCO school and our students perform different activities throughout the year related to them.
We are very concerned about giving our students the best international atmosphere and we have already taken part in two COMENIUS projects in 2004 and 2012, being the coordinating school in this last project, related to culture and tradition. Last year we were awarded the ECHE, so that our Vocational training students can go abroad and carry practices in a company related to what they have studied.
Our school gives a high priority to international languages, such as English. We teach CLIL through Science and Arts and Crafts. This project will help us increase the use of this language in all our school community and also the students will use the language when visiting other countries to communicate with others.
In our schools we are always eager to try new ways of teaching and we recently implemented a new project for Maths, adapted to the reality of the children and where our students learn through multiple intelligences as they have multiple and varied opportunities to learn the contents.
We also think teaching the different curriculum areas through a subject like entrepreneurship will strengthen motivation and the improvement spirit among our students. They will also need to be creative and assume risks. Music is also very important at our school, where our students participate in a project where they learn the traditional Catalan dances and another one where they learn how to play a wind instrument and play in a band.
Technology has also been a very important part of our lessons and we recently acquired some Ipads for the classrooms, so now lessons include this new technological tool where students can learn the curriculum using these device to learn the areas of the curriculum.
This new Erasmus + project will be a fantastic opportunity for all our students to become entrepreneurs and at the same time use IT and technology resources to complete the work they will have to create through
What are the activities and experience of your organisation in the areas relevant for this project? What are the skills and/or expertise
of key persons involved in this project?
We have already been part of two COMENIUS projects, being the coordinating school in the last one where we learnt about each other’s cultures and some of our students even could visit for a short period of time these countries and experience their cultures while exchanging their traditions with others.
Thanks to the participation in these two previous projects, we learnt a lot about how to work with a project where many countries are involved and the challenges we faced helped us to learn how to avoid them in future projects. We are now familiar with the needs and resources of a project packed with activities like this one.
Our school is already taking part in an Entrepreneurship programme from the Barcelona Council, where our 5th graders can create their own company and products. ICT is a very important part of our curriculum, as we use Smart Boards and Ipads to teach many of the lessons and we also teach our students on how to use these tools. Our teachers have attended some courses where they have learned how to introduce Ipads in education and in their lessons and they are fully prepared to work with technology. The subject of Computer Science is present in the timetable of all the classes and it helps our students to learn how to produce assignments using new technologies.

Our staff has already got experience in participating in this type of projects and they are always eager to continue being part of them. The coordinator of European projects in our school has taken part in various courses from the Spanish Government where she was given training on how to fill in the forms and finding partners. She also participated in round tables to exchange ideas and ask doubts while the last project lasted. Getting to work with teachers and students from other countries makes us more open minded beause we enjoy learning from others. We are always including our staff and students in the mobilities we make. Our staff and our 6th graders are the ones travelling around Europe and practicing the English language while they are living in other students’ houses. We already know that we have the collaboration of all the families and our school community when we do these projects.