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Dimotiko scholio kato kastritsiou Address: PANEPISTIMIOUPOLH PATRA Country: Greece Region: EL23 - Δυτική Ελλάδα (Dytiki Ellada) P.O. Box Post Code: 26504 CEDEX City: PATRA Website Email Telephone 1: +302610991961 Background and Experience Primary School of Kato Kastritsi,Patra is located in the South West of Greece, 200 km from the capital Athens. Patra is the third largest city of Greece and has a big port connecting Greece and Italy. It is considered an industrial city, however there are economic problems. The school is situated in the Campus of Patra's University and most of the students' parents work there and are people of higher education. They show great interest in school matters and together with the teachers of the school take many actions either social, cultural or environmental. The school has 322 pupils aged 6-12, 32 teachers and 3 teachers working in the day care. It is a homogenous school as the majority of the students are Greek and only a small number comes from other countries (6 from Albania and Russia). We have a few students with learning difficulties who have some extra lessons at school and are helped by their teachers. 10 of our teachers have post graduate studies mainly on intercultural education. However, all of them know that their professional development is necessary and thus they participate in many programmes that enhance their knowledge on many different fields. What are the activities and experience of your organisation in the areas relevant for this project? What are the skills and/or expertise of key persons involved in this project? Our school completed a Comenius project (2008-2010) and we were the coordinators. We worked on intercultural issues and we managed to bring students from different countries together. They learned about the culture of the other countries and realised that the differences were minor compared to the similarities. As teachers our main concern is to educate and prepare our students in order to be well equipped in their future life. For this reason we put strong emphasis on literacy and numeracy, foreign languages, IT and web based tools in order to enhance learning. We strongly believe that the proposed project will give our students the opportunity to practise on the above and it will equip and prepare them for their future life. The Key persons of the project are: Maria Nydrioti, Principal, who graduated from the University of Patra and worked as a teacher for 25 years. She has been a Principal for the last 5 years. She has completed her postgraduate studies in History of Education. She has also participated in a Comenius project (1998-2000) Alexia Mega, the contact person for this project in the Greek school and also an English Teacher. She graduated from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Department of English Language and Literature) and she has been working as an English teacher for 22 years. She has completed her postgraduate studies in Intercultuural Education (Teaching in Multicultural Classes) and she was the coordinator in a Comenius Project (2008-2010).